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In 2012, the value of Greek exports totaled €27.6 billion, accounting for 14.2% of Greece’s GDP, while, despite the crisis, there was a significant increase in volume. Exports to the EU reached 44% in 2012, highlighting the importance of the EU market for Greek trade.

Greek products on your plate. Alimentary products represent 17% of the total export value. Olive oil, fruits and nuts, vegetables, fish and dairy products, wine and other beverages are some of the staple products which figure top of the list.

Greece is the world’s 3rd largest producer of edible olives and olive oil, with a 16% share of the global olive oil market. 75% of olive oil production is extra virgin, which is considered the best type.

Beauty made in Greece.

Greek natural cosmetics brands are conquering European and international mainstream markets by taking advantage of the Greek land’s treasures.

Agriculture has traditionally been a key sector of the Greek economy and a structural feature of Greek society. Greece’s accession to the EU played a major role in the development of Greek agriculture, thanks to the Common Agricultural Policy.

Greece produces agricultural products of high-quality and unique taste. Numerous Greek products have received PDO and PGI status, showcasing the quality and diversity of Greek farming.

The economic crisis may sometimes create great opportunities and the agricultural sector takes the lead in this field. More and more Greek farmers turn to organic cultivation and many young people see farming as an attractive occupation. Greece is among the EU countries with the largest output in organic agricultural and livestock products.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are key words for Greece to boost its growth and employment. Thanks to some great minds and ideas, Greece boasts admirable potential in innovation. According to the EU Commission Innovation Union Competitiveness Report 2011, Greek researchers stand out in scientific publications and the country ranks 9th in terms of participants and funding from the EU 7th Framework Programme for Research.