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Greece & the EU

Greece & the EU


Greece's European orientation predates the linking of the country's course with efforts towards European integration within the context of the European Community / Union.  However, the orientation became concrete upon submission of the application for accession to the newly established European Economic Community in June 1959, an application that led to the Association Agreement between Greece and the EEC, signed in June 1961. 

The application for full accession was submitted on July 12, 1975. Accession negotiations were initiated in July 1976 and brought to a conclusion May 28, 1979, with the signing of the Treaty on Greece’s accession to the European Community in the Zappeion Hall, followed on 28 June 1979 by ratification of the Accession Treaty by the Hellenic Parliament. Two years later on 1 January 1981 the Accession Treaty entered into force.

In January 1, 2002, Greece became a full member in the single currency (euro) and the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). Throughout its course in the EU, Greece has strongly supported EU deepening and enlargement.

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